GPG4O installation instructions

Here are step-by-step instructions for installing the Outlook client GPG4O, which gives you solid PGP management:

Download the software from
Here is the manual:

Read chapters 1) General and 4) Installation.

During installation, GPG40 will install the open-source PGP application, GnuPG, unless it is already on your computer. This could be the case if you are already using a PGP variant, e.g., Enigmail.

If you are new to PGP you must create a key pair during the installation process. You must set a passphrase to create it. Copy your private key and store in a safe place. Never share it! Your public key you share with the whole world. Upload it to

If you are new to PGP you should read Chapter 7. It explains key management, including how to import the public keys of your correspondents. The key management interface in GPG4O is very good and will be on your Outlook menu. Buttons that allow you to encrypt and digitally sign emails will also be on every new mail you create when the GPG4O add-in is activated. You can also send your public key with a button click.

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