Markoff interview with @edge on tech future – Silicon Valley Zeitgeist

This interview with John Markoff, the dean of technology journalism along with Steven Levy and Bruce Sterling, is long-winded but well worth a read. I like, especially, his skepticism on robotics and automation decimating the workforce.

“We’re at that stage, where our expectations have outrun the reality of the technology.”

I agree with him that augmented reality will likely be the next killer app. I think it will be driven by the military-industrial complex. Markoff says it The Next Big Thing may not come from Silicon Valley, which he thinks may have plateaued.

He also bemoans what the current tech bubble has done to northern California. Rents at $3,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. Foreigners buying up luxury condos as investments and leaving them empty. People commuting to work in Wi-Fi equipped buses owned by private companies while the public transportation system crumbles.